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Hello and welcome.  My name is Heidi von Liebenstein.

We all have power to change the little world around us, in either a positive or a negative way.  I try to be positive.  I call the little world around me “Heidiville”.  Thus the header image.

I was born in the early 70s, thus at the time I am writing this, I am 45.  Yet I do not look at my life as anything anyone else cannot attain.

I am a single mother (ok that is NOT something I recommend you strive to attain).  I birthed 4 boys between 1991-2011.  My youngest is currently 5yrs old.  Plus I have 3 grandchildren.

I am told I do not look my age (but it is NOT due to some crazy priced beauty line).  I will got through things that I think make me beautiful.  What is on the inside WILL be what your outside will look like over time.  I love my greys.  I try to prevent wrinkles, yet I rather have happy wrinkles on my face than wrinkles of unforgiveness.

I will also go through tips that really helping me as I raise my younger children and my grandchildren.  (Things I was not aware of when I was raising my oldest.)

Traveling makes some of the best memories for not only family but also for friends.  Traveling does not always need to cost money.  Yet sometimes time away can create a bonding experience that money could never buy.

As a stay at home mom, I have built my business(es) – first when the kids were napping, and now while the kids are at school.  I cannot always give it 40 hours a week.  Yet I can always give it my hope and my dream.

My life has not been perfect, and in many ways is not what some may want to say “Oh, I wish I had her life” – there has been some seriously devastating loses.  But my life has been perfect in molding me into who I am today.  Even though I have had some challenging days, I continue to say I have “NO BAD DAYS”.

Some people might get to their goals faster than I get to mine (and that is OK).  Yet as long as I never give up, I will reach my goals.


Ok, you may not have the same family dynamics as I do, yet I am sure you have goals.  I am sure you have to face life, and as the days turn to weeks, which turn to years and then decades – life does try to age you.  It is your choice how you will face issues when they arise in your life.  (just as I need to)

So from my perspective, there is nothing I have accomplished or that I have done that you cannot accomplish or that you cannot do.  Who knows, maybe in some ways you may get things working faster than I have accomplished.

Either way – welcome to my little world.
Thanks for Joining



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